Don’t miss the cliffs of Moher

Don’t miss the cliffs of Moher

When you look at the list of must-go places in South Ireland, you will find the Cliffs of Moher. So, on my way from Galway to Limerick, I decided to tick this Pinterest place. It is only a 1h and half drive on a country road that can get tricky when crossing buses (quite a lot) or annoying when behind one (if you are a good and reckless driver, you can try to overtake it at your own risk).

On the way, there are two stops that can be made:

  • Dungaire Castle (I was not really impressed and just passed by. Parking is not easy in all ways)
  • Poulnabrone Dolmen (I missed it ! I marked it wrong on my map and did not want to go back. I have seen some dolmens already and I am not that found of).

At the Cliffs of Moher, you will find a large parking lot on the left of the road. Use it. It cost 12€ which also covers the park entrance. I believe there are ways to avoid the fees by parking somewhere else although I am not sure it worth the trouble (and the maybe fine).

When I get there, it was cloudy and windy. Everybody around told me it is casual weather in Ireland and that I am somehow lucky as the day was neither rainy nor foggy. The positive thing is that it added dramatic scheme to the pictures.

I spent 2h there just wandering. You can leave the secured area and follow the free path along the cliffs. Mind your steps. With the wind and some slippery mud, you can easily see the cliffs from the shore (if you survive the fall, which I doubt). 20160612_171017-01

Two things disappointed me somehow:

  • To climb up to the little tower (and take nice pictures) will cost you 2€ more.
  • Since several years, it is forbidden to access the flat stone platform that was used before for tremendous views of the cliffs and the precipice. A ranger makes sure nobody climb over the fence.

Nevertheless, it is a must-stop on your way to Killarney.


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